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Style Guide: Here’s a Crucial Tip That Will Make Thrifting Easy

I’m thrifty. I like nice things without spending too much. Is that crazy? It could be, but it’s not impossible. I’ve been finding deals and steals for about as long as I’ve been spending my own money to shop. I seem to find some of the best pieces for the best prices at the thrift …

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Life+ Style: 4 Reasons Why You Need An Accountability Partner

We’re just days away from March and I’m reflecting on the last two  months to make sure I’m on track to successfully accomplishing my goals this year. You should be doing the same. Yes, you. Remember those plans you made, the visual reminders you created on your vision boards? Yes, those goals. I think this …

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Life + Style: 5 Ways to Protect Your Peace When You’re Surrounded by Distractions

  My life has been busy. My schedule has been all over the place. For the past eight months I’ve been balancing my full time gig, to my part time job, juggling the blog, and trying to maintain healthy relationships. It’s been overwhelming. Each responsibility brings a different nuance that’s cluttered my life. Add my …

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Shopping Guide: Seven Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Your Man

Valentine’s Day is Friday! You literally have three days to secure a gift for your bae! Ladies it’s Leap Year, so there’s no way you’re getting out of buying your man a gift. It’s written somewhere in the book of Love that women are required to buy their guy a gift on Valentine’s Day during …

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Style Guide: Try on One of the Hottest Boot Trends of the Season

The air is crisp, the trees are bare, and our coats are heavy. So, this could only mean one thing. Yep, you guessed correctly. It’s boot season and we are in the thick of it! It’s the perfect time to strut in your favorite boots. So, let’s step into this fashion season in style with …

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Life + Style: Five Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is not an option. It’s a requirement. I realized this after becoming so overwhelmed my skin started to react to stress in a way that I’ve never experienced in my life. I’m currently dealing with a severe case of adult acne. This is happening to a person who never experienced acne even during puberty. …

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Style Guide: Here’s A Look to Get You Out of Your Winter Wardrobe Rut

It’s finally winter, not technically on the calendar but Mother Nature has said otherwise. It’s cold outside. I don’t know about you , but in the winter I sometimes hit a wardrobe rut. I have amazing outfits in my head, but it’s so cold I just grab my black turtleneck and black tights. Not anymore. …

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Life + Style: Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Jump Started My Career

You’ll never be 100 percent ready. Just do it! Let me take you to a time in my life where I stepped out of my comfort zone and it helped start my career. It started with me moving to Syracuse, New York from Birmingham, Alabama.

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