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Style Guide: Three Reasons Why You Need A Statement Coat This Winter


The only statement I want  my coat to make in the winter is one that’s cozy and comfort. That’s why I wasn’t sold on adding a statement coat to my wardrobe during my days in Syracuse. But change is a good thing and my wardrobe is thanking me right now. Here’s the deal, statement coats can offer you both function and fashion. Plus, there’s only so many places a chic camel colored coat can take your look. In my final installment of my three part video and blog series I’m sharing three reasons why a statement coat is a practical purchase that worth it!

WATCH: Part 3 of My Winter Coat Collection Featuring Prints, Patterns, Faux Furs, Parkas and Puffer Coats


1. It Makes Getting Dressed Simple


Imagine your coat as David Ruffin and the rest of the outfit as the Temptations. On a winter day , no one is coming to see your jeans and sweater. The people are coming to see the winter coat. So, give them a show! Seriously, a statement coat can do all the heavy lifting and makes getting dressed in the winter easy breezy. When the coat is fabulous, who cars what else you’re wearing. A statement coat allows you to keep everything else simple and keeps the coat at the center of attention.


2.Statement Coats Can Serve Style and Warmth


Whoever said statement coats were all show and no substance certainly have not met my good friend “Shearling.” Some of my favorite statement coats are either faux fur , faux shearling, or Sherpa . These coats are cozy and chic. Why do you think the teddy cot is still so popular? It keeps you warm while giving the right amount of style.


3.Statement Coats Don’t Have To Cost A Ton


In the world of fast fashion and trendy moments it’s not too hard to score a statement coat for less. Stores like ASOS , Zara, H&M , and River Island all offer stylish outwear that won’t blow your budget. Also, keep an eye out for a sale. Right now is a great time to shop for coats. Most are discounted and retailers are offering extra savings. It’s February and stores will soon be making room for their spring collections. A quick way to get rid of the winter inventory is by dropping the price.



I hope you enjoyed my three part blog and video series of my winter coat collection. Over the last few days I’ve shared tips on how to shop a winter coat for less, gave you all the reasons why you need a winter coat collection, and encouraged you to make a statement even in the bitterly cold temperatures!

Let me know if these blog posts have helped you in any way!

Fashionably yours,

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