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Style Guide: Three Reasons Why You Need A Statement Coat This Winter

  The only statement I want  my coat to make in the winter is one that’s cozy and comfort. That’s why I wasn’t sold on adding a statement coat to my wardrobe during my days in Syracuse. But change is a good thing and my wardrobe is thanking me right now. Here’s the deal, statement …

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Style Guide: How to Shop A Stylish Winter Coat Without Breaking the Bank

A nice coat can instantly elevate a look, make a statement, or make your outfit look more expensive. It does all of that while still serving its ultimate purpose of keeping you warm. That’s why you need a fabulous coat in you wardrobe. I explained my top three reasons why you need a fabulous coat …

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Style Guide:Three Reasons Why You Need a Fabulous Winter Coat

A fabulous coat is not an option, it’s a requirement and depending on where you live it’s a necessity. After the recent presidential inauguration I should say the three reasons you need a fabulous coat are First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Kamala Harris. But the truth is …


Style Guide: Six Tips To Help You Transition Your Summer Staples to Fall Favorites

Don’t put your summer pieces  up just yet. Your favorite slip or smock dress can still shine for the fall. This will definitely come in handy for ladies who live in the south. If you’re a southern girl like me, you already know the weather is indecisive. It’s cold one week and it’s hot the …

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Style Files: Here’s A Chic Way To Wear A Faux Leather Dress | Fall 2020 Trend

  Colorful leather looks were the go-to pieces for spring and the wave is continuing this fall. Designers are going beyond outerwear  when it comes to leather looks. The pieces are coming in shorts, dresses, skirts, and even shirts. The looks are also getting bolder. Rich , deep, and bright colors are taking over like …

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Savings Tips: Shop Off Season To Catch The Best Deals (Winter Coat Edition)

We’re in the middle of summer with temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees and I’m over here getting my winter wardrobe ready. I’m taking advantage of all the deals and deep discounts that are happening right now on cold weather looks and last season’s styles that are still bomb!