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Style Guide: How to Shop A Stylish Winter Coat Without Breaking the Bank

A nice coat can instantly elevate a look, make a statement, or make your outfit look more expensive. It does all of that while still serving its ultimate purpose of keeping you warm. That’s why you need a fabulous coat in you wardrobe. I explained my top three reasons why you need a fabulous coat in your wardrobe in Part 1 of my coat collection video and blog series. Today is Part Two of a three part series. It’s my favorite because I’m sharing three ways to find a fabulous winter coat without spending all your coins.


WATCH: Part Two of My Winter Coat Collection Featuring all of My Pink , Red, Purple, and Yellow Coats


I’m all about finding ways to save your money especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. Saving money in this area frees up more money for savings , projects around the house, and vacation.

1. Shop Sales

If you can’t wait to purchase a winter coat I encourage you to wait until your favorite retailer has a sale.

I found the best time to shop a winter coat sale is right now in January. February and March also offer great sale opportunities for the winter weather items and that’s because most retailers are trying to get the winter items out to make room for their new spring pieces.

Let me give you an example of how much you can save shopping for a winter coat right now. Macy’s is having an extra 20 percent off sale. I found a Vince Camuto wool coat that’s originally priced at $430 that’s now on sale for $195. I also found that same coat for $155 at Dillard’s. It’s permanently marked down. That’s more than half off.

The down side to waiting until a retailer is having a major sale is you run the risk that your size or exact style not being available. I think it’s a risk worth taking.

I love the Vince Camuto coat in the navy blue color but a small isn’t available. That only leaves me one option and that’s the black and grey. Fortunately, both are cute.

2. Shop Off Season

Shop for a winter coat when you don’t need one. Try shopping for your winter pieces in the summer months. Typically the prices are slashed in half. I found three winter style coats from ASOS over the summer and only spent $133.

I bought a faux fur coat for $48. It was originally priced at $132. I bought a Gianni Feraud puffer coat for $50. That coat retailed for $292. What a deal.

The last coat I bought was trendy coat that I was so glad I got on sale. I only paid $33. The original price was $149.

I bought the coats in July when it was so hot outside. No one was thinking about a winter coat making the demand for winter coats extremely low and in turn dropping the price tremendously.

3. Check Out Your Thrift Store

Don’t be afraid to thrift! You will be amazed with all the style pieces you find. You will also luck up and find some real wardrobe gems.

I found my favorite Banana Republic camel maxi coat at the thrift store. I found a beautiful powder blue BB Dakota Coat from a local thrift store. I also found a Michael Kors Padded Parka Coat from the thrift store. I’ve found so many coats from the thrift store and some still had the original tags on it.

Just a quick note, everything from the thrift store doesn’t come from some old basement. Retailers like Target, Macy’s, J.C.Penney’s and more donate brand new items to the thrift store.

I hope these quick tips will help you the next time you’re preparing to shop for your winter coat. Make sure you stop by tomorrow for a Part Three of my three part winter coat collection blog and video series.

Fashionably yours,

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