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Life+Style: How To Afford Flowers Every Week , Plus Tips To Keep Your Blooms Fresh


There’s nothing like having real flowers in my home. It takes my decor up a notch, brightens up a room, and elevates my space. And for some unexplainable reason, walking into my home to see fresh flowers makes me smile. For the last year I’ve bought two dozen roses every week!  My weekly ritual isn’t expensive AT ALL! That’s because I’m buying my flowers from the grocery store and not a flower shop.

Where I Purchase My Flowers:


Trader Joe’s is my favorite spot to buy flowers. I typically go on Saturday’s to buy my new blooms. Roses are usually priced at $6.99 a dozen. The Hydrangeas were $5.99.
My second favorite spot to buy flowers, is Walmart. 5 long stem Roses start as low at $4.87 and can get up to $15 for a mixed bouquet.
I also bought a dozen roses from a German grocery store called Lidl. These flowers lasted about a week as do my other bouquets.

Where I Showcase My Flowers:

I typically display my flowers on the living room coffee table and end tables. Sometimes I jazz up my kitchen with a bouquet. I also add flowers to flat lay designs.
Right now I’m using two clear glass vases to show off my blooms. I want to incorporate other style vases with different shapes. I may even venture out and try metallic and more statement vases.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh


I’m no florist, but I follow a few rules to help keep my flowers fresh for as Long as I can.
  1. I cut the stems of the flowers before placing in vase.
  2. I add water and the flower food that comes with the bouquet.
  3. I keep my flowers out of direct sunlight.
  4. I remove dead leaves anytime I see them. It’s unsightly and I believe the dead leaves will cause the good leaves to wither.
  5. When the water inside the base starts to get cloudy I change it.
These are simple steps, but each week is different and some flowers last longer than others. Since the bouquets are relatively inexpensive I’m not super disappointed when the flowers start to turn. It’s my cue to head back to Trader Joe’s and try another arrangement of flowers.
This week I tried Hydrangeas and now I may have a new favorite. The flower offers a big beautiful blooms. The large flower heads take up the entire vase so you don’t need many.
Do you treat yourself to fresh flowers every week? Tell me your favorite store to buy affordable fresh flowers. I put together a shopping guide of beautiful  clear glass and metallic vases. This is perfect if  you’re on the hunt for new vases to show off your floral arrangement.

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