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Life+Style: Monetize Your Influence with ShopStyle Collective Affiliate Network

Blogger babes, if you’re looking for a way to monetize your blog, an affiliate network is a great option to add a stream of income. There are several affiliate networks out there and most fashion and lifestyle influencers that I know use Reward Style and It’s a pretty cool and super popular network! I use it as well. New bloggers have said the application and approval process is a bit intimidating, though.

If you’re looking for another option or multiple networks to join, let me point you in that direction of ShopStyle Collective. I’ve been using ShopStyle Collective since forever and I thought everyone was too. I recently found out a lot of content creators  aren’t familiar with the platform. So, I wanted to share my thoughts and any insights.

What’s Shopstyle Collective:



This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a small commission at no additional cost to you should you choose to make a purchase using them. All opinions are based on personal experience.

ShopStyle Collective is the affiliate network of Shopstyle, Inc. it also serves as a search engine for fashion, beauty, and interior design. It’s filled with thousands of products from hundreds of retailers. Those items can be turned into shoppable links to feature on your blog or on your social media platform.


If your reader clicks the shoppable link and makes a purchase you can generate a small commission. Commission is based on a percentage of the total checkout price BEFORE shipping costs and sales taxes. ShopStyle Collective indicates how much commission you could make through each item before linking the product on your blog or social media.


And here’s something I just found out while doing more research for this post.  “influencers are compensated for every item purchased after clicking a ShopStyle Collective link. For example, you may feature only one item on your blog; but, if a shopper splurges on a whole outfit after clicking through, you receive commission on everything purchased.” That’s a pretty cool feature!

How Does It Work:

I use ShopStyle Collective the same way I would Google.  You type in what you’re looking for in the Shopstyle search bar and hundreds even thousands of options pop up. You can filter by price, color , and size. For example, if I type in the Shopstyle search bar,”wool coat,” thousands of wool coats from across several retailers will pop up. I could use the filter to get very specific. Once I find the wool coat I like, I heart it and add the piece to a list of my favorite things to make it easily accessible to link in a future blog post.


You can  create product widgets to showcase multiple products at one time. These are my favorite. I think these are perfect for lists. Think shopping and gift guides. I created several widgets in one post in February that featured items to buy a guy for Valentine’s Day. A few weeks a go I showcased super cute smock dresses.




You can also create a look that showcases your outfit and items that match your style or direct images and links to your exact pieces.

Why I like It:

I find ShopStyle Collective to be simple to navigate. It’s easy to create widgets and looks to add to your site. I know some affiliate networks require a plug-in to use on your website. Also, this platform offers some of the best analytic tools.



You can see exactly where your traffic is coming from and what products inspire the people who read your blog or support you on social media.This will help you create strategies and find out what content your readers gravitate to most often. For me it was super helpful to see what price range most readers were comfortable shopping with. The key though is to create great content to push people to your blog to want to shop your looks and click your links.


How To Sign Up:

You have to apply to join ShopStyle Collective. Your application will be reviewed, but the process isn’t tough. If you’re interested sign up HERE.

Have you ever heard of ShopStyle Collective?  Let’s chat about it in the comments and I will answer any additional questions about this platform.


Live Love Laugh,


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