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Savings Tips: Shop Off Season To Catch The Best Deals (Winter Coat Edition)

We’re in the middle of summer with temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees and I’m over here getting my winter wardrobe ready. I’m taking advantage of all the deals and deep discounts that are happening right now on cold weather looks and last season’s styles that are still bomb!

Shopping off season is one of the ways I save and I’m sharing that tip with you. Remember, if the pieces are in high demand so are the prices. If the items are marked down and the prices are low, the demand is too. Think about it, are people rushing out to buy coats in the middle of a summer heat wave? No. The demand is low right now and so are the prices.

I was able to buy three chic coats from ASOS for the low-low. I’m talking $25 coats. I also grabbed three coats from the thrift store and two blazers from the Salvation Army. I shared those looks in this YouTube video. Check it out. Plus, those three coats from ASOS are still available. Grab them below.

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