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Style Guide:Three Reasons Why You Need a Fabulous Winter Coat

A fabulous coat is not an option, it’s a requirement and depending on where you live it’s a necessity. After the recent presidential inauguration I should say the three reasons you need a fabulous coat are First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Kamala Harris. But the truth is you needed a nice coat before those ladies snatched pearls and broke necks last week. Today I’m breaking down the REAL three reasons why you need a fashionable and functional winter coat. It’s Part One to a three part video and blog series of my winter coat collection.

WATCH: Part 1 of my winter coat collection featuring all Of my tan, winter whites, and green coats.


A nice coat can instantly elevate a look, make a statement, or make your outfit look more expensive. It does all of that while still serving its ultimate purpose of keeping you warm. Here are my top three reasons why you need a nice coat:

1.A coat can help you get out of your winter wardrobe rut


A coat can take a look from basic to bomb in point three seconds. Think about how many times you pulled out your favorite jeans, black or white T-shirt and put on nice coat , maybe one with color and you instantly looked like you planned this outfit days in advance. That’s the power of stylish coat. You look fabulous without trying too hard. The coat does all the work.

2.A coat can help add color to your winter look


In the winter I sometimes hit a wardrobe rut. I have amazing outfits in my head, but it’s so cold I just grab my black turtleneck, black tights, and black puffer coat. A bright color coat can help you get out of your typical all black winter uniform. It’s fun, it adds personality , and can serve as your own version of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy winter day . Whoever said bright colors are reserved for spring lied to you and I’m here to speak truth to fashion.

3. Fashion is good , but functionality is great



I want to look good but keeping warm this winter is even better. Who wants to look stylish, but ends up shivering through the entire day? Not I, said the cat. A warm winter coat is a necessity for those of you who live in a snow tundra. I know. I lived in upstate New York , TWICE. Despite the disrespectful temperatures Mother Nature served I still wanted to slay the snow covered sidewalks. Fortunately, there were coats then and now that offer fashion and functionality. Faux furs, faux shearling, and statement parkas are great options to serve chicness and comfort.

I hope these three reasons inspired you to add a nice winter coat to wardrobe. Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 of my winter coat collection blog and video series, where I’m sharing three tips to help you find a fabulous coat without breaking the bank.

Fashionably yours,

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