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Life + Style: Five Tips to Practice Self-Care After a Stressful Day at Work


Believe it or not some people are still going in to work and I’m one of them.  My job is traditionally fast paced, creating a high stress environment. I have multiple daily deadlines and I meet most people at the worst time in their life or when they’re experiencing a really rough day. I’m used to witnessing the aftermath of trauma. It’s a part of the job. But there are days where it’s too much and those experiences become emotional taxing.


One of those days was Monday. I will spare you the details in an effort to make sure you’re not emotionally drained after reading it. Just know it was heavy.

You may not experience emotional rollercoaster’s  in your career, but I’m sure you know a thing or two about stressful days in the office or from your work from home space. I’m sharing five practices that put me in a better headspace and calms me down after dealing with a rough day.


Leave The Day At Work:

I leave work at work. Whatever experiences I had at the office I keep it there. I refuse to bring that energy in my home. My home is where I find peace and I want to keep it that way. To make sure that happens I also allow myself time to just decompress before I go home. For me that’s maybe 15 to 30 minutes just sitting in my car. It something about being alone that helped calmed me. I did this just yesterday.

When I lived with my parents, my dad would hate this. He was always scared somebody would snatch me. I understood his concern. So, I had to learn other ways to clear my mind when I lived with him.

Sit in Silence:

After running errands and preparing dinner I took a few moments to just sit in silence. No tv. No phone. No music. It was just me and the dogs sitting on my bed unwinding, relaxing, and releasing whatever happened that day. I did this for about 15 minutes and got up to eat. It felt good to daydream, be carefree, and not to think about work.


Walk It Out:

After dinner walks have been a great way for me to find peace. I take the dogs on a walk around my neighborhood. It’s refreshing to just get fresh air. I suggest after dinner walks because of this HEAT. Trying to take a walk in the early afternoon would be too hot and probably piss you off.

Wash the Day Away:

Hot showers or long warm baths after a rough day are mandatory! It allows my muscle to relax and just soak. It’s so therapeutic. Burn a candle if you like. My favorite is the high intensity White Bean Mahogany Teakwood scented candle from Bath and Both Works. So soothing.

Welcome Laughter in Your Life:

Find a good show to binge watch and hopefully it’s something that makes you smile or laugh. For me I started to rewatch A Different World on Amazon Prime. It gave me an opportunity to take my mind off the stresses of the day and enjoy some entertainment. I watched a few episodes before I fell a sleep.



Stressful days will happen. It’s how you handle those days that can help both your mental and physical health. I hope these self-care tips help the next time you experience a tough day!

Live, Laugh, Love



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