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VIDEO: Five Thrifted Looks I Plan to Wear to Work This Week

I’ve been thrifting now for about 10 years. I started early in my television career and I wasn’t making a lot of money. Think doctor’s residency. So, I was broke, BROKE! But I needed clothes for work. I couldn’t wear the same dress every week. The people at home would notice and some of them would even email or call. Deep sigh!


To help build my work wardrobe and pay my rent, I started to thrift. I watched my mom thrift and now it was my turn. I’ve been thrifting ever since, especially for work. So, this week I’m wearing a thrifted piece to work all week long.I’ve included dresses and sets. SPOILER ALERT: Some of these pieces are BRAND NEW! I want to show you how you can build your work wardrobe without spending a lot of money. In this video I’m sharing each piece I plan to wear, plus a few thrifting tips!

Let me know if you find this video helpful and what was your favorite look!

Fashionably yours,

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  1. Ava Daniels says:

    I love what you’re doing! I’ve been thrifting over 30 years & my family has worn some of the best brands and quality of clothing in the world! Shoes from Italy, to designer handbags, and jewelry, appliances, anything I wanted! God has blessed me so I didn’t have to, but I believe in when you know better, you do better!
    The first thing I remember buying at a thrift store was an Oster blender we paid $1. dollar, over 35 years ago, and I still have it and it works perfectly

    1. oohlalablog says:

      Wow! The blender still works. That’s amazing. Thrifting has been a blessing to my budget. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ❤️All Of Your pieces, What a great find especially the blue dress

    1. oohlalablog says:

      Thank you! I plan to wear the blue dress tomorrow

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