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Style Files: The Maxi Dress Remains A Summer Staple

The maxi dress is the summer staple. Your closet isn’t complete without it, “They Say.” But THEY hadn’t met me. You couldn’t get me in a maxi dress in my 20’s. It was too just too long. I couldn’t understand why you would want to wear a long dress in the middle of the heat during the summer. But I hit my 30s and everything changed.



Long dresses aren’t that bad and on some days I prefer it. I realized how functional a maxi dress was to my life. Talk about being late to the party, but it was my aha-moment! The maxi dress provides ease. All you have to do is slip on one piece of clothing and BOOM you’re cute!

I still don’t own a ton of maxi’s, but the ones I do have hanging in my closet are worth strutting around in! Take a look at this printed maxi. It’s by Abel Label a brand sold at Marshall’s. It’s perfect for summer drama even if I’m just styling to the mailbox or going to pick up dinner.

The floor length dress features a front slit and open back. It also has a halter neck and lace detailing on the bodice. So girly. So feminine. And my 20 year old self can’t believe I’m saying this but “So Me.” I teamed my maxi with dusty pink three tiered sandals from Public Desire. Straw design earrings and a cork style purse finished my look!

Now that I’m finally on board and loving the maxi dress, I’ve found a few more that I’m eyeing. Check them out and let me know if you love a good maxi dress.


Fashionably yours,
Images: Nina Mosley Art

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