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The Price Report: Establishing Your Personal Brand As You Start Your Career


When your name is mentioned what do people think? Is it positive or negative? What are people saying about you? That’s what your brand projects. A large majority of your brand is established through your digital foot print, what you put online. The online space can be a great place to connect with other professionals and get noticed by employers, but it can be a dangerous playground. I know you’ve heard the stories where professionals  have lost their jobs based on what they posted. Sobe careful and responsible. But the other half of your personal brand includes your values, your passion, and your attitude.


Values: This is the core of who you are. What do you believe in? This is family. This is your faith. This is your authentic self. Believe it or not, this sets you apart from other candidates vying for a  job or internship.

Attitude: This is a make or break  for me. This is what you say, how you say it, and what you do. I read once that the great ones are great all the time, even when no one is watching or when it doesn’t seem to matter.  Is your attitude reflective of what you can gain? Don’t let it be.

Passion: How bad do you want it? Are you attending educational conferences, panels to learn outside of  work?   Are you taking advantage of the resources around you?


I want you to try this activity I found online and I thought it was an awesome way to get a feel of your personal brand and how others may perceive it.   Think of six words that describe you. Words that really describe what you think of yourself.  Now,  ask your family and friends to describe you using their own six words. Do they align with what you thought you portrayed?  If it doesn’t, work harder. If it does, continue to put forth more effort in building your brand.


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