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Life+Style: Working Women Wednesday’s with “The Price Report”

Are you that one friend that everyone calls for advice? In my immediate friend circle that’s NOT me. I am not that friend, but in my career field I’ve found myself serving in this role for young aspiring journalists. I had an hour long call with a young reporter yesterday. We met once, connected on social, and now chatting about her career moves. For some reason young reporters or those wanting to break in the business always reach out to me or connect with me during their internships.


If we’re being honest, I’m always shocked and puzzled that cub reporters come to me for advice or guidance when there are others in the newsroom with far more experience or serving in a much larger role than I am. After finding myself in this position more than a few times I just embraced it! I’m more than happy to help because I was once them and really searching for someone to drop me a gem, or take me under their wing. I hope to give to them what I wanted as I was trying to navigate the earliest stages of my career.


I decided I would start to share gems and nuggets here on the blog every Wednesday for young reporters or women early in their career. If you’re going to come here getting motivation and career tidbits from me you should at least know who I am and how I got my start.

I’m currently a morning reporter with more than 10 years of on-air reporting experience. I’ve worked in Alabama, North Carolina, and New York. I graduated from Tuskegee University and Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication where I received my Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism.


Shortly after graduating I landed my first job and left the business a year later. It would take me nearly three years to get back in the business. A crazy, no nonsense news director down in Dothan, Alabama gave me a chance to restart my career. Two markets later I’m still writing my story!



My tip today is a simple one, but very important.

There are no short cuts. Do the work and gain the success. Sometimes that may take a little bit longer. I know this story firsthand. In the end your lack of preparation will show if you don’t do the work. The young folks call that part, “Being Exposed.” Simply put, don’t cheat the process. The joy is really in the journey. I know it’s hard to see it right now because you’re in the thick of it! Trust me, once you make it to your destination you will look back at these crazy moments and be thankful for these days. I’m stronger and wiser because of my journey.


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