Beauty Bag: Six Drugstore Favorites , Plus how to get a free gift from CVS in July

I’m now the lady that does a lot of her shopping at the drugstore. It’s bad, y’all! I’m in CVS at least two or three times a week. Since I joined the Beauty Club , became a Care Pass Member, and started getting Extra Care Bucks on the regular, I started to pick up almost all of my makeup and hair care products from CVS. I’ve been able to find some amazing beauty brands from the drugstore and now I’m sharing SIX of my favorites with you. PLUS  tips on how to get a free gift from CVS this month!


Flawless Face:

For the first time in my life I’m experiencing acne. After moving to a new city and state my face started to break out in the worst way. This was more than a period pimple every month. I’m talking cystic bumps and dark spots. After getting help from a dermatologist and slightly getting control of the situation I started to use CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser. I could only find it at Ulta and then, on one of my CVS runs I found it there. I also spotted CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum. After getting approval from my doctor I started to use both in conjunction with my daily topical medication.


Long Lashes:

If you ladies follow me on Instagram and laugh at my crazy InstaStories then you already know I love lashes. I honestly feel bald by the eyes without them. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but I feel naked without lashes. So, I tend to stack up on my lashes from the drugstore because there’s always a sale on lashes. I had a favorite pair of drugstore lashes by KISS,  but it’s been discontinued. Now I’m experimenting to find my new go-to lashes, especially for work. I don’t mind switching it up on the weekends, but I like to keep it consistent during the week. Lately, I’ve been trying different styles of  Kiss Lashes  to find me a new favorite!

Makeup Magic:


I’m no makeup guru. but I’m getting better day by day! These are two of my must-have makeup products and both are by Black Radiance. I use the the medium deep True Complexion Contour Palette,  which highlights, shapes and sculpts my facial features.

I’m also in LOVE with  Black Radiance’s True Complexion Shine Control Primer. I’ve tried high end and drug store primers and I will continue to come back to this primer over and over! It does exactly what it promises and that’s control the shine. I will admit I’m not super oily, but I definitely shine in these summer months and this primer helps keep it a minimum.

Pretty Pout:


A girl can never have too many lipsticks, lip gloss, and liquid lipsticks. Seriously, I have more than enough lipsticks and glosses. I should stop buying lipsticks because it’s getting out of hand. My favorite lipstick for work is being discontinued, but I managed to find it online at a I was a little disappointed CVS didn’t have it because I know they would have offered a discount with my purchase.  Here are two lipsticks I’m trying out. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in “Raw Chocolate” and Milani Amore Mattes Lip Crème in “Loved”


Smooth Skin:

I grew up using baby oil and Vaseline instead of lotion. Don’t judge me, judge my mama. Now I use Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Bath, Body, and Massage Oil and it’s incredible. It smells amazing and has my skin feeling smooth. It also helps firm and tone my skin. I apply a thin layer after each shower. A little bit goes a long way.


Healthy Hair:

I’m seven months into my natural  hair journey and I’ve been exploring my curls. I’m trying to find out what works best for my hair. I’m in a trial and error phase and that means trying new products. Products can add up and really get expensive, but my Extra Care Bucks and coupons help give me a discount. Just today I received a 40 percent off coupon and I’m going to either buy more products from Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Line or Dr. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curl Stimulator.


NOW to the FREEBIES!!!! Right now CVS is giving away one free item each day to shoppers who use the the company’s free mobile app. The promotion started July 5th and extends through July 18th.

Open your app, go to the deal section , and once you see an item you want add it to your Extra Care Card digitally.


You can pick up your free “Thank You” gift at the nearest CVS or online. Yesterday an Apricot Scrub was available. Today it’s a 200 count bag of 360 Cotton Swabs.

Are you already taking advantage of the freebie event? Let me know and also share your favorite drugstore finds. I also included a shopping guide for anyone wanting to shop any of the products I mentioned and don’t have access to CVS.

Fashionably yours,


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