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Shopping Guide: Seven Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Your Man

Valentine’s Day is Friday! You literally have three days to secure a gift for your bae! Ladies it’s Leap Year, so there’s no way you’re getting out of buying your man a gift. It’s written somewhere in the book of Love that women are required to buy their guy a gift on Valentine’s Day during a Leap Year. Don’t feel bad if you have no idea what to grab him, it’s a common problem. I find it’s tough trying to find a gift for a guy for many reasons. One, they’re typically humble so they never share if they’re in need or really want something. Or you’re dating a guy who  has everything so it’s hard to shop for him. I have narrowed down at least seven gifts that any guy should love and it’s also perfect for all you procrastinators out there.



So my mama and my sister would say never buy a man shoes because he will walk right out of your life. But both are married and have been married for a hot second. So, don’t believe the superstition. Men love shoes and your beau will be happy you recognized his love for sneakers or dress shoes.




Men love watches. It’s no secret. It’s more than telling time. It’s a piece of jewelry that shows off their style. Men really don’t have a lot of jewelry options so a watch is the one they can add some flair to their wrist.





A bottle of cologne will never get old. If we’re being honest I don’t know if this is more for him or you. A man that smells good is such a turn on! The key here is finding the perfect scent. Avoid scents that are overpowering, though.



Sports Gear:

This is the perfect time to stock up on your guy’s favorite sports team. Valentine’s Day falls just weeks after the Super Bowl and weeks ahead of March Madness. Grab a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat that sports his team’s logo.

Depending on your budget and for major bonus points grab tickets to an upcoming game. He would love you like crazy with gratitude and appreciation.


Electronic Goods:

Men love their gadgets. I don’t know why but their brains are programmed to light up with excitement for any new electronic item. Grab him a pair of new noise cancelling headphones , a Bluetooth speaker, or maybe a phone case and battery combination. If it’s tech then it’s a sure beat!

Skin Care Goods:

I didn’t realize how much men care about their skin care until this past Christmas. My boyfriend seemed to be excited about the body wash my mom bought him from Bath and Body Works. He also packed beard butter and had his lotions on deck for our trip home.



Leather Goods:

Think bags , briefcases, and wallets. These leather accessories are both fashion and function. So this is a gift that keeps giving.


This list includes items I suggested, plus the help of the my boyfriend and several of my male coworkers. So these gifts are guy approved! Good luck!

Fashionably yours,


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