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Life + Style: 5 Ways to Protect Your Peace When You’re Surrounded by Distractions


My life has been busy. My schedule has been all over the place. For the past eight months I’ve been balancing my full time gig, to my part time job, juggling the blog, and trying to maintain healthy relationships. It’s been overwhelming. Each responsibility brings a different nuance that’s cluttered my life. Add my personal chaos with the many distractions we face in the world and you’ll have a perfect storm. But I’m not about this storm life. That’s why I’m working to center my life, drown out the noise and establish inner peace. Here are five things I’ve implemented that’s starting help.


Avoid Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships


You ever met a “Negative Nancy” or a “ Debby Downer?” They’re the worst. Toxic people drain the energy out of the room and trying to exist with them in the same space is exhausting. Distance yourself from this type of person. Otherwise, they’ll disrupt your peace with their negative opinions and irrational thoughts. Don’t waste your time trying to rationalize with the toxic person. Since most people don’t function in that type of negative space it’s hard to wrap your head around their actions and thoughts.

If this person isn’t avoidable try letting them know the situation is draining you emotionally and in order to be 100 percent I’ll need to exit from this conversation.

Toxic people can be manipulative. So, don’t allow them to make you feel bad that you’re working to protect your peace.

Drop the Desire to Be Perfect


There are certain areas of my life I want to be perfect and other areas I’m okay with being a work in progress.

I want my career to be near perfection. My relationship with my boyfriend…..hmmmmm, I expect to have imperfections. We are two people with different life experiences trying to co-exist in love. I know it can’t be harmonious all the time

It’s crazy how I can understand imperfections in this area, but not in professional life.

This pursuit for perfection can be overwhelming. I’m thinking why isn’t my career here or there. What should I be doing to get better in my craft? If I allow my thoughts to run wild, I’ll forget why I should be grateful for the opportunities I do have in my career.

Spend time With Yourself


I’m a Gemini and that means I’m pretty social. I love being around people and looking for the next adventure. But over the last few years I’ve started to value time alone.

I use this time to clear my mind and rid myself of the heavy thoughts. That includes taking myself to dinner or watching a movie.

And when things get heavier I sometimes just sit or lay in silence. It’s refreshing to block out all the noise from a bad day at work and just relax.

Take a Social Media Break


Social media gets a bad wrap, but it’s not all that bad. It’s how we use it that creates a problem.

Sometimes I travel down this dark hole and spend so much time online that I lose track of time and become distracted.

For others what’s posted on social media can cause anxiety , depression , and a deep state of comparison. If you’re always worrying why things aren’t happening in your life you can’t appreciate the good things we it happens.

If you’re like me and use social media for work , it’s kinda tough to eliminate it all together . Instead, try going a day without Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat or Twitter.

It will give you time to work through your thoughts without any outside distractions from foolishness sometimes found online.

Write it Down

I’m a firm believer in writing things down with an actual pen on a sheet of paper. It’s something about the power of your words being brought to life by just writing it down. Being truthful, our minds can become so congested and jumbled with thoughts that just writing it down will release it.

Getting rid of the clutter in your head can ease stress and bring a sense of calmness.




Ladies, we’ve all seen the memes about protecting your peace at all costs and it’s true. Do what you need to do to make sure your inner is shining just as bright as your outer

If your mind is in jumble, you cannot experience life to the fullest. Let me know if this helps any of you!

If you’re feeling this fashion moment, recreate the look here.

Living Out Loud,

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  1. Love all the tips!

    1. oohlalablog says:

      Thank you!!! Protecting my peace at all cost.

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