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Life + Style: Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Jump Started My Career

You’ll never be 100 percent ready. Just do it! Let me take you to a time in my life where I stepped out of my comfort zone and it helped start my career. It started with me moving to Syracuse, New York from Birmingham, Alabama.


I was accepted into S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. It was the foundation for my career and I knew I needed this program to get me started. Y’all,  I was so scared to move. It was my first time moving more than two hours from home. I didn’t know anyone and did I mention, I was scared as hell.

My family made the nearly 16-hour drive to get me there, but when were just a few hours away, things got real. We get to Scranton , PA and my stomach is turning flips. I’m thinking this place is just too far.

We finally arrive to Syracuse and I literally had a melt down. It was so bad. I’ve only cried like that maybe three times in life. My mama was like ”fuck this, I’m bringing my baby back. Pack all this shit up and let’s go.”

Thank God my sister was there. She took my mama outside and reminded me why I was there. It was a part of the plan. I needed this step to get to my started.

That program was 13 months and I was uncomfortable all 13 months. But I needed it. Nothing grows in your comfort zone.

Since that year I’ve been a working tv news journalist. I’ve moved to four more cities where I didn’t know anyone. All of these experiences were nerve wrecking, overwhelming and extremely scary. But I knew I would make it through. I did it before in Syracuse, so I could do it again.

Some of y’all are so scared to get out of your comfort zone, scared like me to take the first step to your dream career. I’m proof that big blessing are birthed in uncomfortable places.

Live Laugh Love

Pics: V Parker Production

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Loved this! So inspiring! Congrats on taking the leap and thanks for inspiring the rest of us to do the same ♥️

  2. Beautiful message! Beautiful pics! ?✨ Keep inspiring sis!

    1. oohlalablog says:

      Thank you so much!

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