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Style Files: Brighten Up Your Work Week with Project Runway’s Yellow Lace Set from JCPenney

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Can someone cue Gucci Mane’s, “Lemonade,” where he says “Yellow everything?” He then goes on to give you a list of all the things he could think of that were yellow, including a yellow living room set (Chiquita). Well, clearly I’m what he left off the list. I took the song to heart and went full on, yellow head-to-toe. I took the brightest color ever and said, lets do this at 100 percent and not half step. I’m so glad I did!

Style-files-JCPenney-Project- Runway Cold -Shoulder-Lace -Top-yellow-lace-pencil-skirt-yellow-fringe-justfab-sandals-Birmingham blogger-top-Birmingham-blogger-oohlalablog-4

Style-files-JCPenney-Project- Runway Cold -Shoulder-Lace -Top-yellow-lace-pencil-skirt-yellow-fringe-justfab-sandals-Birmingham blogger-top-Birmingham-blogger-oohlalablog-3

Style-files-JCPenney-Project- Runway Cold -Shoulder-Lace -Top-yellow-lace-pencil-skirt-yellow-fringe-justfab-sandals-Birmingham blogger-top-Birmingham-blogger-oohlalablog-6

Style-files-JCPenney-Project- Runway Cold -Shoulder-Lace -Top-yellow-lace-pencil-skirt-yellow-fringe-justfab-sandals-Birmingham blogger-top-Birmingham-blogger-oohlalablog-2

There is something about this color that instantly makes you smile and not to mention it looks good on women of color. I’m convinced it was made for brown skin and this lace set that I scored from JCPenney helped drive my point home. Isn’t it cute?

The pieces are from the new Project Runway Collection. The top features a cold shoulder with a flirty sleeve and the skirt features that same lace design. I tried tucking the shirt in , but it’s not flattering. It’s designed to be worn outside of the skirt.

I paired the skirt and top with my Justfab fringe sandals to complete my all yellow look. What I love most is the pieces can be worn separate to give me more outfit choices.

I actually love this look so much I’m wearing it to work this week. I’m ditching the yellow shoes for a pair of nude ones to make sure it’s office approved.

Do you love the look? Tell me in the comments. Meanwhile, recreate your own yellow lace look with these pieces below:

Have an awesome week, ladies.

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