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Style Files: I Found the Perfect Romper to Sashay in all Summer


Weekend, is that you? One more day and I’m deadline free. I’m taking my mom out for Mother’s Day and celebrating motherhood with her, but that’s all on the agenda for me. My plans are up in to air. What’s for sure, my look.







I’m carefree and cute all weekend long. Helping me achieve this laid-back and fabulous look is my new favorite romper.

The fact that I love a romper is big news in itself. The piece is hard to work on me. I have long legs so the shorts always look too short. Or the shorts are really short in the back and my butt is literally hanging out. No bueno.

This romper was perfect, though. The shorts are a great length, helping me achieve a look that’s tasteful and trendy.

I scored the romper from T.J.Maxx and I promise to make it my summer staple.It could go from day to night by simply adding a pair of flat fabulous sandals or a pair of hot heels.

I’m so glad a gave rompers a second try. You want a romper to sashay in all summer 18? Check out a few I found below:

Happy Friday, ladies!

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