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Style Files: How to Mix Your Personal Style into Your Professional Wardrobe

Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-2

It’s December already. Like, today is really December 14th. We’re only a couple of weeks from 2018. Seriously, where has the year gone? I swear it was just June a day ago. Am I the only one having a mild heart attack about how fast time is moving? I need these moments though.Slight anxiety and panic help me realize how precious time is and it consistently puts a fire under my tail. It’s a reminder that nothing is promised, life is short, and to always buy the shoes. As cliche as it sounds it’s true. So let’s count it down to the new year. There are about 17 days until the calendar resets, make the best of it! I know I will!


Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-14


Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-3


Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-13  Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-11 Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-10


Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-9



Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-13



Style-Files-Thrifted-Printed-Jcrew-ankle-pants- white-thrifted-blouse-Pink-Gianni-Bini-Lizzy-Notch-Lapel-Collar-Feather-Trim-Solid-Crepe-Blazer-feather-hem-blazer-Birmingham-Association-of-black-journalist-college-panel-event-oohlalablog-8

Here’s a throwback to an awesome time this year, where I was able to pour into aspiring young journalist. I sat on a panel with other talented journalists at a Birmingham Area Black Journalist event.

I wanted to wear something fun, but professional. I decided to style in printed J.Crew ankle length trousers that I found at my local thrift store. I paired it with a front button blouse that has super trendy accordion style sleeves. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see the sleeves because my bomb blazer stole the show.

This dusty mauve pink blazer is trimmed with the most whimsical design ever. The feathers are so fun! I actually have three of these blazers and I’ve worn them about fifty ‘leven times already. When it’s this cute, you can’t help yourself, right?

I finished the look with silver heel sandals I picked up from Justfab nearly two years ago.

What do you think of my look? Are you also having slight anxiety about this year flying by?


Outfit Details:

Blouse: Thrifted, Cute one HERE andHERE
Pants: Thrifted, super stylish HERE , HERE and HERE
Blazer: Gianni Bini (Sold Out) , have fun with feathers HERE
Heels: Justfab (Sold Out) , More bomb heels HERE

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