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Black Girl Magic: Kim Royster Becomes Highest-Ranking Black Woman in NYPD History

Kim Royster Becomes Highest-Ranking Black Woman in NYPD History

Here’s a woman you need to know. With 30 years of police experience, Deputy Chief Kim Royster will be promoted to Chief by the end of August.

This promotion will make Royster the highest-ranking black woman in blue in the history of the New York Police Department.

The mother of two started her law enforcement career in 1985 as a police administrative aide. She now oversees the public information office for the force. She quickly rose to the ranks becoming an officer, investigator, and after 19 years with the department she became a captain.

Among Royster’s many accomplishments, she spearheaded NYC’s gun buy-back program, which has been credited with the removal of over 8,000 weapons off of the streets.

In Royster’s new role she will oversee the police academy recruitment process.

Congratulations Chief Kim Royster and I’m sending her a great big, “You Go Girl!”

It’s stories like this that makes me smile. It should also been encouraging, enlightening, and empowering to other women as well as myself.

Source:New York Daily News

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