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BeyHive: Beyoncé Launches Flash Tattoo Line That’s FLAWLESS

Beyonce-Launches- Flash-Tattoo-Line-Metallic-Flash-Tattoo-trend

Tattoos are so sexy and super edgy. I’ve always wanted one, but my overly sensitive skin won’t let me be great. All you ink lovers don’t feel bad for me. I’ve been getting my tattoo fix with one of Hollywood’s latest trends, metallic flash tattoos. Think fake tattoos but in silver, gold, and bronze.

Beyonce-Launches- Flash-Tattoo-Line-Metallic-Flash-Tattoo-trend-3

The tats are disguised as ankle bracelets, body chains, rings, and necklaces. I’ve worn them everywhere and they are eye catching. The trend that’s now more than a year old is catching new wind with the recent partnership of Beyoncé and Flash Tattoos. The collaboration features five sheets of bee-hive inspired designs.

Beyonce-Launches- Flash-Tattoo-Line-Metallic-Flash-Tattoo-trend-2

The designs also include scripts of Bey‘s songs and phrases like, “Flawless,” “Naughty Girl,” and our favorite ” I woke up like this.”

Beyonce-Launches- Flash-Tattoo-Line-Metallic-Flash-Tattoo-trend-4

The Beyoncé pack is $28 and you can grab it HERE. Sweeties, what do you think, will you shop for bee themed flash tattoos?

Beyonce-Launches- Flash-Tattoo-Line-Metallic-Flash-Tattoo-trend-5

I love the designs, but my $2 pack of flash tattoos from Walmart seems to get the job done, but on the other hand that dramatic back design is calling my name. Decisions, decisions.

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