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Life + Style: Stop Apologizing for Your Greatness

How many times this week have you apologized? Just think about it. I bet it’s a lot or more than you realized. As women we apologize too much. We apologize for really small things like being too busy to attend a friend’s gathering and we apologize for big things, like our greatness. That’s major. We are constantly dimming our light, with the goal to not shine too bright and make someone else uncomfortable. That has to stop.


Men aren’t dimming their light or downplaying their skills, but as women we aren’t proudly owning our greatness. This same conversation came up twice within a week with a friend and with my niece, which really showed me how often women and young girls are out here apologizing for just being themselves.

With my friend we discussed a possible job promotion. She mentioned being sorry that she would have to leave during an important time with the company. Just think, are men apologizing for bettering themselves or setting themselves up to be a better provider for their family? The answer is NO. Why do we? Women on the other hand, we’re apologizing for great opportunities, which is disheartening. Ladies let your light shine!


A second incident was during a mentoring group with my niece. We were painting with an artist, who told us to create and present your masterpiece. As my niece stood up to present her artwork she immediately said, “This isn’t anything great, I’m sorry.” I cringed a little bit. One, her artwork was amazing. Two, she apologized because she didn’t think it was beautiful enough. Our young girls are also apologizing for believing they’re not good enough or JUST enough. No more.

Baby, girl, you’re brilliant! Own it!


It took me 30 years to realize who I was and how great I am. I would hate for it to take anyone that long. It’s time to change mindsets and grow in our greatness.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Pantsuit: Thrifted, similar HERE and HERE

Earrings: TJMAXX , also gorgeous HERE

Heels: Missguided, cute HERE

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