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Lupita Nyong’o: “There is no shame in Black beauty”

When Lupita Nyong’o accepted her award for the “Best Breakthrough Performance ” at ESSENCE’s 7th annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon the young starlet said something that resonated with me. The Academy Award nominee told the crowd filled with movers and shakers in Hollywood that,” There is no shame in Black beauty.” I couldn’t agree …

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Let’s Talk About It: Was Lupita Nyong’o’s Skin Lightened for her Vanity Fair Feature

When I originally saw this gorgeous pic of Lupita Nyong’o I gushed over her beauty. I was blinded by her radiant smile, but there was something else to be noticed in this picture.  Lupita’s skin appears lighter.

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In Case You Missed It: Kerry Washington on Saturday Night Live #SNL

It’s official, I’m a Kerry Washington stan. This admiration started more than a decade ago.Long before I was introduced to Olivia Pope, I was about Chenille and her around the way attitude. Chenille is the role, Kerry Washington played in “Save the Last Dance.” That movie came out 12 years ago, so I’ve been down …

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Let’s Talk About It: Should Some Trends Have an Age Limit?

  The temperature is rising and you’re tempted to slip on a pair of hotpants to battle the blistering heat, but you’re on the fence about your wardrobe choice. Are you walking a fine line by wearing these short-shorts or will you get a pass because hotpants are a fashion favorite this summer? Don’t worry; …