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Let’s Talk About: Is 2012 The Year of The Unisex?

From Justin Bieber in Harem Pants to Kanye West rocking a skirt it appears 2012 was the year of the unisex. This past year we’ve seen men mix womenswear into their “manly” wardrobes more than we have before.

Something is a bit off. I understand fashion is about taking risks, but men in skirts? That’s some risky business. When you have strong male figures rocking certain trends it can easily influence the rest of the world.

I want my man in jeans, a shirt, a tie , and an occasional pop of pink. Ladies are you comfortable with your man wearing jeggings or a leopard print jacket?

I understand this is a major double standard. Every fashion outlet, Ooh La La Blog included has spotlighted the new men’s inspired trend among women. We’ve encouraged it and even bought a few pieces like those “Boyfriend Jeans” and that “Grandfather Cardigan” in my closet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping the 2013 selection for men offers more classic and traditional pieces. What do you think?

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