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In Case You Missed It: Kerry Washington on Saturday Night Live #SNL

kerry-washington-stayrday -night-live-3

It’s official, I’m a Kerry Washington stan. This admiration started more than a decade ago.Long before I was introduced to Olivia Pope, I was about Chenille and her around the way attitude. Chenille is the role, Kerry Washington played in “Save the Last Dance.” That movie came out 12 years ago, so I’ve been down for Kerry for a while now. Through those 12 years I’ve watched her lend her voice to political issues and stand up for civil liberties. Now she’s breaking barriers in Hollywood as the ultimate fixer in ABC’s hit show “Scandal.”

kerry-washington-stayrday -night-live-

This weekend, Kerry made history again, while playing host of “Saturday Night Live.” The show has had only four black women cast members in the show’s 38 year history and here it is, Kerry hosted the show! You go girl (*In my Martin Payne voice). I will use this moment to highlight another achievement in Kerry’s career and not the disappoint in the lack of diversity on SNL. With that said, check out some of Kerry’s skits. She’s hilarious!!!!!

Kerry Washington Monologue:

Kerry as Miss Uguanda:

Date or Diss:

Career Week Speaker:

How’s He Doing:

kerry-washington-stayrday -night-live-2

Not only is Kerry’s career in overdrive, her personal life has also hit a high note. She’s married and is reportedly expecting her fist child. Go Kerry, it’s your birthday!

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