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Lately I’ve been rocking  flats and taking a break from my six inch platforms. I will be the first one to tell you I hated flats, but I  recently had a change a heart and that’s only because designers have stepped up the look of flats. From bows to embellishments, flats are fun now. My absolute favorites are spikes and studded flats, they give you the right amount of edge with out being too over the top. Take a look at the spike/studded flats I picked out for you guys. 

Christian Louboutin “Rollerball”  Flats $915

Sam Edelman ” Adena” Flats $150

Matiko Lee $80

Steve Madden Melter $130

Unif HellRaisers $165

I own a pair of the Unif Hellraisers, here’s how they look on.

Get a look at the complete Spike Flats collection at Polyvore.com

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