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Think back to Brandy Norwood as Moesha…what about Cher and Dione from ” Clueless” these characters help put Backpack Purses on the map.

The 1990’s crave is back in the limelight with the help of 90’s stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.The designers released their backpack purse and it sold like hotcakes.

The Row Leather backpack $3,900

While the bag is amazing the price is a bit frightening. Fortunately other designers are putting out their own version of the throwback bag. I’ve got my eye on this M Z Wallace ‘Marlena” sequined backpack and this cute quilted black backpack from Topshop.

Get a closer look at  the collection of backpack purses I  put together.

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  1. sara says:

    the m z wallace squins bag is for 425 and ill give you it for 300 new and tags

  2. The black and beige backpack purses are to die for!

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