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Currently Crushing: I Need A Sleeveless Coat in My Closet

I Need A Sleeveless Coat in My Closet 5

I’m “cold natured.” It’s kind of weird that I’m always freezing. Needless to say I’ve been miserable these last two winters in Upstate New York. More importantly, being “cold natured” coupled with these subzero temperatures have forced me to skip out on some amazing wardrobe choices like the sleeveless coat.

I Need A Sleeveless Coat in My Closet

I’ve been lusting over this winter must have since I laid eyes on Dior’s bright yellow sleeveless coat on the runway. It’s hot, right? Since then I’ve came across more styles and colors, but I’ve passed on the cool coat because it wasn’t functional for a Rochester winter, but I figured out a way to make it work not only for winter but spring, summer and fall.

This winter team the sleeveless coat with an actual coat. You know, one with sleeves. The sleeveless coat can act as an extra layer to keep you warm. This will certainly come in handy for me.

This spring rock a light weight sleeveless jacket and pair it with a longsleeve top.

For summer nights pair it with a sleeveless top

In the fall team your jacket with a sweater underneath.

That wasn’t too hard. Since I’ve solved the global warming I guess it’s time to shop. Check out the endless collection of sleeveless coats and jackets that I’m sure will take your look up a notch.

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