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Trend Alert: How To Wear Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is one my favorite trends and I’m dying to try it! I love it because it defies every fashion rule known to man!  Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy looks, we’re on to mixing prints and patterns.  If you’re down to try this trend like me, then keep theses guidelines in mind to  make sure the looks works,  otherwise you could come off looking a tacky mess.

Use animal prints as your neutral.  Leopard print works well with nautical stripes.

Try the same type of print, but mix up the patterns. For example, we used a different floral print for the blouse and the shorts, but the red in both pieces ties the look together.

Don’t be afraid to mix two bold prints. The patterns don’t have to coordinate exactly, but you should see some common themes or colors mirrored in each piece.

Remember  fashionistas OWN this look!  Confidence is key when it comes to pulling this look off. You have to wear this trend with attitude.  You can wear as many prints as you like just as long as you’re confident with what you’re wearing

So what do you think?  Are you down to try the trend?

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