Style Guide: Online Measurements Can Be Tricky, Tips to Help

Style-Files-with-pretty-price-forever-21-FAUX LEATHER A-LINE SKIRT-white-long-faux-fur-vest-justfab-Aliz -over-the-knee-boots-oohlalablog-

I’m an avid online shopper, but I still get nervous every time I check out. I’m afraid of all the unknowns when it comes to the fit. Sometimes it’s right on the money and other times the pieces completely miss the mark. Shirts and dresses are easy, but bottoms are another story. I have a small waist but wider hips so that’s a challenge when I’m in an actual dressing room,so you can only imagine the hassle in a virtual one.

Style-Files-with-pretty-price-forever-21-FAUX LEATHER A-LINE SKIRT-white-long-faux-fur-vest-justfab-Aliz -over-the-knee-boots-oohlalablog-2

The measuring chart is a great tool, but I’m inbetween sizes so I lean on the model measurements for more help. It gives me a better idea of where I may fit in sizing.

Some retailers will also tell you what size the model is wearing. If the model is wearing a small, that would help me determine if I need to go up a size or grab the same size.

The customer reviews are heaven sent. You don’t know how many times I’ve been sold on an item to only read about the awkward fit.

Despite my apprehension I ordered this faux leather A-line skirt from Forever 21. It was on sale for $13.99 and I got more than what I paid for.

Style-Files-with-pretty-price-forever-21-FAUX LEATHER A-LINE SKIRT-white-long-faux-fur-vest-justfab-Aliz -over-the-knee-boots-oohlalablog-

The skirt is super luxe, definitely made with great quality, and the color was perfect.

The fit not so much. I had to squeeze and scoot to get the skirt around my hips and over my butt. Not bad for a killer skirt that only set me back $13.

Here are a few tips to help you when you’re shopping online:

Know your measurements. I’m talking bust, waist, hips and inseams Match your measurements to what’s listed in the size chart. It should indicate which size would fit you best. If you’re in between sizes, I suggest sizing up you can always get it tailored if it’s slightly too large.

Look for the model’s measurement and compare. If she’s a 34 in the bust and you’re a 36 you may want to go up a size unless you’re looking for a tighter fit.

Keep a list of sizes from retailers you shop often. I love Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and Target. I’m typically a 4 and a small, but at Target I’m an extra small and sometimes a two. It’s important to keep note of these things so it will make it easier when you shop online at these retailers.

Add these pieces to your closet to recreate this look:

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