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Life + Style: How to Picnic Safely and In Style During Global Pandemic 

I get it!  You are craving fresh air and human interaction. I am too! This has been  my problem every weekend during this pandemic. One of the options that has allowed  me to safely see my good friend and get out of the house has been enjoying a picnic. If you’re thinking about throwing down a blanket and grabbing a basket for your own picnic, I want you to keep four things in mind that’s focusing on your safety, but also allows for a fun time.


Social Distance:

Social distancing is a requirement. There’s no way around. You must bring your own blanket and your friends will need to as well. The CDC recommends maintaining a distance of at least six feet away from people you don’t live with.

So, each girlfriend will have to sit on their own blanket and each blanket should be separated.

Don’t Share:

There’s no passing any food back and forth between friends at this picnic. It’s an effort to keep your risks of exposure extremely low. Bring your own dishes, silverware , and condiments. If your friend makes your favorite dish ask her to bring you a separate serving in its own container because you can’t share food. It’s just not safe.

Bring Your PPE:

Pack your masks, bring your hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray.  Bring your gloves, which will come in handy when it’s time to clean up your mess and you’re disposing your trash in a public garbage can.


Keep location in mind when you’re deciding on where to have your picnic.  Stay away from crowded parks. A very busy park could prevent you from properly social distancing.



The CDC breaks it all down. Check out their guidelines here. Plus, grab all the things you’ll need for your next picnic below:


And if you’re wondering, YES, this is exactly what I wore to a picnic. Just call me “Team Extra.” Who said Little Black Dresses were only made for going out, anyway?  I put on a whole dress with a fascinator to sit on the grass at my homegirl’s place. Shole did! And Don’t Care!

You can get my exact dress right HERE, HERE, and the plus size version HERE. Make sure you check out this super cute  fascinator right HERE


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