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Life+Style: Strong Support Systems and Why it’s Okay to Ask for Help


I’m a working woman balancing my career, my blog, friendships and a relationship. It’s hard for a woman who’s trying to have it all, but you don’t have to do it alone.I learned a while ago that’s it’s okay to ask for help while working towards success. I’ve stayed on track because of my support system. If you’re a person who doesn’t want to ask for help or let anyone in to your space, let me tell you why you should reconsider.

Asking For Help Shows Character:




Asking for help doesn’t mean your weak or can’t handle the work load, it’s the absolute opposite. It’s shows you’re strong enough to speak up and ask for assistance and wise enough to know that you need it.

For some women it really comes down to a trust thing. Can you trust someone to handle tasks while you work on something else? It also boils down to control. Are you willing to relinquish control and allow someone else to come in an help you get the job down, loosen some of your priorities and ease your stress load?

Your answer should be yes.



Asking for Help Loosens the Load:



Imagine what you could get done if someone came in and helped you knock things off your to-do checklist.

I have a UPS run, I need to send at least four emails, and pretty soon get ready for work. If someone could drop my packages off a UPS it would take something off my load today. I’m going to take care of the packages on my lunch break and send the emails before work.

Today’s load isn’t overwhelming and I figured it out, but there are days where I’m drowning and that’s when I ask for help.

Here’s the kicker, no one wants to see you sink. People want to help you. They noticed your plate is full and they want to help you get it clean.



Asking for Help Provides Me Time



Some of you are mothers, wives, and very busy career women, so your plate stays full.

That also means you don’t have time for yourself. As women we always make everyone else our priority and neglect ourselves.

It’s time out for that. Delegate some of your household responsibilities to your husband and children. Allow your husband to pick up the groceries. Your children can unload the dishwasher. This will free up at least an hour or two, where you can just relax. Where you can collect your thoughts and just exhale.


Ladies, lean on your support system, your village. They want to help you live out the best version of yourself and are there to assist you in the process. I have friends, family, coworkers and a boyfriend that won’t let me fail, especially if they can prevent it.

Your support system is there to remind you why you started the business in the first place, why you decided to go back to school, and why you earned that promotion that’s keeping you busy and juggling five to six things at a time.


Recently, my boyfriend gifted me these denim jackets as a reminder to press forward in the news business and blogging world, no matter how challenging it becomes.

I hope you have people in your corner willing to do the same.


Fashionably yours,

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