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Style Guide: The Sleeveless Knit Turtleneck is a Piece Worth Trying


I have a thing for black turtlenecks that’s no secret. A turtleneck is chic, classic, and will always have a space in my closet. But I’ve taken my turtleneck obsession a bit further and started wearing them well beyond winter. I’ve developed a love for the knit sleeveless turtleneck.





The entire concept is so weird, but it’s oddly working for me, especially during this time of year when the weather is at its awkward stage.

Let me explain: Think of the sleeveless turtleneck as a great piece for layering looks.

I work early mornings and it’s typically very cool. So, the sleeveless knit turtleneck works. I pair it with a blazer and I’m warm throughout the brisk morning.  By noon,  the sun is beaming and it’s warm. It gives me the perfect reason to ditch the sweater and show off the sleeveless component of the look.

I’ve worn the sleeveless knit turtleneck three times in the last week. That’s just how much I love the piece. I like to keep it simple when it comes to styling the sweater. Because it’s a chunkier piece I kept my pants slim and fitted. I usually reach for straight leg ankle length pants.

I finish the look with an ankle strap sandal or a pair of loafers.

What do you think? Will you try the knit sleeveless turtleneck? If so, I’ve created you a shopping guide to get started.



Fashionably yours,

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