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Style Guide: Here’s a Crucial Tip That Will Make Thrifting Easy

I’m thrifty. I like nice things without spending too much. Is that crazy? It could be, but it’s not impossible. I’ve been finding deals and steals for about as long as I’ve been spending my own money to shop. I seem to find some of the best pieces for the best prices at the thrift store. When I tell people this they always say, ” I can never find anything when I go.” And that’s because you rushed the process. The key is to take your time. A trip to the thrift store isn’t a sprint. It’s more like a marathon. Here’s how I slide and glide through the aisles of the thrift store!





Here’s the deal- you gotta see the bigger picture when you’re thrifting. When I saw this dress I knew I could pair it would black tights and boots. I also had the option to wear my red or pink coat with it. I had options so it was no brainer that this dress was coming with me.

My mama got my hooked on thrifting. My first job in the business I didn’t make much money so my mama would pick me up dresses and suits from the thrift store. The pieces were nice. So I started going on my own and found items I could rock when I’m not on air. I’ve been hooked ever since. This dress is my latest thrift store find and I made it work for work.

So here’s the back story on this dress. I was home during the Christmas holiday and I met my mom at America’s Thriftstore.

I got a cart and headed straight to the coats. I found a few I loved and threw them in my basket. I made my way to the dresses and literally went hanger by hanger searching through the racks. And boom I found this dress. The first thing my mama said was, “ I didn’t see this .” And that’s because my mama didn’t take her time. She was flying through the racks while I took my time.

Take your time. That’s one of my favorite lessons in thrifting. Don’t rush the process. If you don’t have time to really search through the racks don’t go. You’re going to miss out on a lot of gems and get frustrated with the process.

My lesson in thrifting landed me this $7 dress that’s perfect for a day at work. After a good wash I paired it with my red coat and black knee high boots.

How did I do? If you love the look let me know in the comments. For more lessons on thrifting, check out my previous blog posts here, here, and here!

Fashionably yours,

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