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Life + Style: Somewhere Between Going for Mine and Practicing Patience



Don’t rush it ! I’ve literally been thinking about those three words for about a month. That’s when I got my first taste of spring. It had finally stopped raining. The temperatures jumped to the 70s. Two days later it was freezing again. My friend told me , stop trying to rush spring. She was right, it will happen when God gives Mother Nature the cue. And, it happened! Finally, it’s spring!




That had me thinking about my personal and professional life. I thought about the many times I’ve tried to rush a promotion or an opportunity I felt I deserved, but it never happened. Or, it happened months, even years later.

Don’t rush what God has for you. One, your blessing isn’t going anywhere. If God Promised it to you, then it is yours to have. But it will happen when God says it’s time.

Two, there’s power in your right now. What your dealing with right now will help you during your NEXT.  For example, if you’re dealing with a bad boss, when God moves you to a new situation, you can appreciate your new boss in a way you couldn’t, had you not experienced a not so great boss first.




I understand the frustration. Often times I’m stuck between, “I’m going for what God promised me and be patient and wait on God to move.” Sometimes I’ve moved before time and have been in situations that were worst than the ones I was trying to escape. Other times, I’ve waited on God to say it’s okay to move. It’s time for next. Those situations have  blessed my life.

Remember to do your part and your hard work will be rewarded. And when it feels like it’s taking to long, think back to this moment and remember don’t rush it. Who wants a premature blessing?

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