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Life+Style: Three Tips to Help You Win The Week in Style

Monday mornings are probably the most hated moment of the week. We spend the entire weekend living our best life and boom, Monday rolls around. We feel like Cinderella when the clock struck 12.

We act as if Monday just came out of no where, when it fact it happens every week, whether we’re prepared or not.

I’ve been there too many times to count. But I’m working on getting my life in order. I’m really trying to live my best life, even on a Monday morning.

If you’re with me, try these three tips to help you win the week!

Be Prepared:



Everybody has experienced a “Case of the Monday’s,” once, twice , or a few hundred times. In most cases, it happens because you’re not prepared for Monday or the rest of the week for that matter.

Get prepared for Monday on Sunday. How to do that you, ask? Simple tips. Organize your work bag. Take out everything from last week and add the things you’ll need for this week.


Pack your lunch for Monday and try to organize a few dry snacks bags for the rest of the week. If you like Salsa and chips, pack that in a container and store it in the refrigerator for the rest of the week. The same can be done for snacks like chips, peanuts, and granola.

Pick out your clothes for the week or at least the first half. This is a life saver for me. I even lay out my underwear, socks or stockings. The least I have to do, the better.

I even go a step further and load the coffee maker the night before, so the only thing I need to do is press start.

Be Prompt:



If you’re prepared for the day it will help you leave the house on time to get to work on time.

This is an area where I can improve. I swear when I’m leaving the house, I think of everything I forgot to grab or forgot to do. If you prepare the night before, it’s gives you a head start on the next morning.

I also suggest listening to the news when you’re getting ready for work. Listen for any traffic update to make sure you’re not running into major traffic delays. Those news reports often give alternate directions to help avoid a traffic jam.


Be Present:



So you made it out of the house and to work on time. Great! Now, it’s time to focus on work and work only. Sometimes we’re at work focused on the things that happened over the weekend or what we need to do when we get off.

That’s called a distraction. How can you perform at your best when you’re worried about all of those outside factors?

Stay focused on your job and the tasks at hand. It helps you show up as the your best self and the person they hired. It allows you to be efficient, in the zone, and reaching your daily work goals.


Remember, failure to plan, means preparing to fail. Losing Monday sets the precedent of the rest of the week. So let’s win Monday and win the week!



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Fashionably yours,

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