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Style Files: Forever 21 Burgundy Lace Print Midi Dress and Jeffrey Campbell Booties

Style-files- forever21-burgundy-lace-print-midi-dress-black-Jeffrey-Campbell-booties-wet-n-wild-liquid-lipstick-dont-be-a-plum-plum-wear-a-burgundy-dress-to-work-oohlalablog-7

Ever buy something on line and its final sale? If you’re anything like me, you’re scared because you’re not sure if it’s going to look good or fit right. But it’s too good of a deal to pass up and you take the chance. So you’ve been there before,huh? That’s me anytime Forever 21 has a bomb sale. Sometimes it’s a fail and other times I hit the jackpot. This post is about a win, which includes this Burgundy Lace Print Midi dress I scored for $8.

Style-files- forever21-burgundy-lace-print-midi-dress-black-Jeffrey-Campbell-booties-wet-n-wild-liquid-lipstick-dont-be-a-plum-plum-wear-a-burgundy-dress-to-work-oohlalablog-2

Style-files- forever21-burgundy-lace-print-midi-dress-black-Jeffrey-Campbell-booties-wet-n-wild-liquid-lipstick-dont-be-a-plum-plum-wear-a-burgundy-dress-to-work-oohlalablog-3

Style-files- forever21-burgundy-lace-print-midi-dress-black-Jeffrey-Campbell-booties-wet-n-wild-liquid-lipstick-dont-be-a-plum-plum-wear-a-burgundy-dress-to-work-oohlalablog-8

I bought this dress in January and wore it once soon after. I recently wore it a few weeks ago and that’s when I realized I had a hit on my hands.

First , the color is perfect. Second, the fit is amazing . Third, it was perfect for work and looked great on TV (always a priority).

I wore the printed dress with Jeffrey Campbell booties I picked up at TJ Maxx.

I finished the look with a beautiful matte lip from Wet N Wild’s fall collection. It’s a liquid lipstick in the shade, “Don’t be a Plum Plum.” This color matches my dress to the tee. Speaking of lippies, let’s talk about this beat down. I’m not a MUA , but I can do some things.

If you’re looking for burgundy colored dress, I’ve picked out a few. Of course, each dress is on trend and on budget.

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