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Style Guide: Seven Stylish Office-Ready Looks for Summer

Style-Files-monteau los angeles-red-skater-style-dress-with-red- white- Stripe-Hemline-5

I’m a 30 something woman and I’m still struggling with what to wear. It’s the same problem I was faced with throughout high school. Seriously, what should I wear is the question of my life. Here’s what I take into consideration: weather, comfort, and style. I hate to wear my favorite summer dress on a wet and gloomy day. I want to be comfortable, while maintaining my personal style. But nine times out of 10, style always trumps comfort.

I keep all of this in mind, plus a few factors when selecting my work wardrobe. As an on-air journalist, I’m mindful of how my look will work for television. Sometimes certain prints can be too busy. I also wear fitted pieces to show off my figure, because TV really adds 10 pounds.

Style-Files-jcpenney-worthington sleeveless-blue-purple-sheath dress exposed-zipper-oohlalablog-3

Here’s what I’ve been wearing to work lately.

This blue Worthington sleeveless sheath dress is my favorite style. It accentuates my shape and it’s stylish. Not to mention it’s also comfortable.

Style-Files-target orange- xhilaration-dress-Mossimo-nude-heel-sandals-3-1


I love bright colors for work. The vibrant hues really pop on television, so my orange Xhiliration dress from Target fits the bill.





Sometimes I take risks with my work wardrobe and that includes wearing white. Yes, wearing white is a risk, because there’s no way you’re going to stay clean in this line of work. One day you may be on a construction site, the next day you’re on the side of a dirt road. Keeping white clean is difficult anyway, so just add in those factors and it’s really risky business. But I love all white looks, so I wear them as much as I can.

This beautiful Lucy Paris dress was thrifted. The sleeveless dress has a beautiful chain that laces the neckline. Cute, right?




I tried white again about two weeks later. I wore another sleeveless sheath dress. I was a little cool that night so I added a long sleeve drape jacket from Forever 21.



Style-Files-Thrifted-Tracy -Negoshian-Printed-Dress-Justfab-SeaFoam-Green-Heel-Sandals-1

After weeks of solids, I added a fun print to my work wardrobe. This thrifted Tracey Negoshian is a burst of color. The print is fun and the colors are rich . I loved the look, plus it was super comfortable.

Style-Files-monteau los angeles-red-skater-style-dress-with-red- white- Stripe-Hemline-3-1

I also spent a few days as “Lady In Red.” This form-fitted Monteau Los Angeles skater style dress was the perfect combination of sassy and sweet.

The fitted bodice embodies my sassy side and the dainty red and white striped hemline were my sweet side.

I scored this dress for $19 at my local Marshalls store. I paired my red dress with red pumps that featured a bow detail. This look was all types of perfect.

Style-Files-Thrifted-New-Direction-red dress-oohalablog-

I continued the all red theme with another sheath dress. This one was also thrifted. Initially I wasn’t here for the over the top 3D floral neckline on this New Direction dress, but after trying it on I was sold. $8 well spent.

Style-Files-Thrifted-New-Direction-red dress-oohalablog-4

Sweeties, what was your favorite look? I absolutely loved the all white sheath dress and draped jacket. My red Monteau Los Angeles skater style skirt was also a win! Rounding out my top three was my simple blue dress from JC Penney. The fit was great and it has an exposed zipper.

What’s your work place style?

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  1. michelle says:

    girl. the red stripe dress.. manteau skater dress…

    how did u wash it? i mean i wash it before i wear.. i found it bleeding dye stains on the white. =(

    the dress looks nice on you! i wish my dress didn’t get mess up in first place… =(

    1. PrettyPrice says:

      Thanks Michelle. Sorry to hear about your dress. I only wore my dress once , so I haven’t washed it yet. You have me scared now, so I may send it to a dry cleaner.

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