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Sweet Sixteen: Walking In 2016 With Great Expectations

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-8

As January is nearing an end I’ve declared, 2016 will be my best year yet! Why? Because I said so. Pretty simple, right? At 31.5 years old I’m finally becoming sure of myself, proud of my choices, and beyond excited about my future.

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-3

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-10

I wrapped up 2015 with several awesome experiences. I was even offered a PAID speaking gig *breaks out and shout*. I left my very cushy and comfortable TV gig , for another more challenging one. I’m blogging more. Not as much as I like, but I’ll improve.

2016 will be a success, full of new experiences, and some life improvements. Yes, there are things I must improve. Well, there are many things, but I’m open to making the changes. Here’s the thing though– I refuse to beat myself up if the changes don’t happen over night!

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-5

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-6

Once upon a time, the old Jamiese would actually fuss at herself (don’t worry I talk to myself all the time) because she was still doing that thing she said she wouldn’t do anymore.

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-9

Oohlalablog-XHILARATION-WOMENS-XHILARATION- MAXI-DRESS-BLUE-Just-Fab-Posey-Fringe-Booties-Style-files-with-PrettyPrice-4
No more of that, just conscious efforts to make myself the person I always hoped I could be. Because at the end of the day I’m still growing. Who’s also declaring 2016 as their best year yet?

Add this look to your closest:

P.S. The dress is on sale for $8

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