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Life + Style: The Next Chapter

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Someone please cue Kanye West’s “Homecoming,” because I’m coming home again. Y’all I’m leaving Rochester, NY and headed back to Birmingham, AL. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I moved to this city, where I knew absolutely no one. Not a Facebook friend. Not a sister-best friend- brother. Not. A. Soul. Scary, right? I made it through, with plenty of stories to tell. But the next chapter of my life story is taking me back down south.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-Forever-21-long-vest-black-Pencil-skirt-tank-just-fab-Florence -heels-Oohlalablog-4

I have an amazing opportunity to work as a TV journalist at the top news station in the state. Pretty cool, right?

It’s been six years since I’ve lived, worked, and played in my hometown. That’s almost a decade. Eeeeeek. I can’t wait to check out all the new boutiques, restaurants, and wine bars.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-Forever-21-long-vest-black-Pencil-skirt-tank-just-fab-Florence -heels-Oohlalablog-9

More importantly, I’ll get to spend time with my family. I’ve missed softball games, dance recitals, and graduations. But no more. “Auntie Miese” is coming home.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-Forever-21-long-vest-black-Pencil-skirt-tank-just-fab-Florence -heels-Oohlalablog-11

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-Forever-21-long-vest-black-Pencil-skirt-tank-just-fab-Florence -heels-Oohlalablog-3

What’s the best part of it all— I’ll get the opportunity to tell the stories that will impact the community I call home. I’m joining a news team I’ve watched as a little girl.

As excited as I am, this moment is bitter-sweet for me. Returning to Birmingham means leaving behind people who mean a lot to me. I’m saying goodbye to people who became my family, when mine was hundreds of miles away. I get all misty-eyed just thinking about leaving and my moving date is right around the corner.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-Forever-21-long-vest-black-Pencil-skirt-tank-just-fab-Florence -heels-Oohlalablog-12

I’ll make my trip home nearly two years to the day that I started my journey to the “Flower City.”

Goodbye Rochester and cheers to the next chapter!

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  1. Good luck on your move, you will be a better person because of it.

    1. PrettyPrice says:

      thanks so much!

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