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Style Files with PrettyPrice: Vintage Lace and Leather


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This cream lace and pearl embellished jacket is why I thrift. I scored this beauty back at home in Birmingham in November of last year. Looking at the jacket on the hanger it just screamed Sunday morning , preacher’s wife from 1984. Despite what I  saw on that hanger, I imagined the bigger picture. My mind went into over drive, with so many ways I could style this vintage jacket.


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-21


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-23


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-16

I teamed my embellished jacket with leather panel pants that I scored from Forever 21, along with my  black suede pumps.


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-7


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-6


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-10


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-5


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-17

I styled this statement piece with a gold broach that also features a pearl design. I added black and gold earrings that were gifted from my grandma. My cool name plate necklace was a perfect addition to my look.

Because the jacket has power shoulders I decided to pull my hair up in a ponytail. A pink lippie finished my vintage lace and leather look.


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Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-13


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-14



Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-15

For fun I snapped a few shots while wearing my faux fur stole from H&M.


Style-Files-with PrettyPrice-Vintage-Lace-Leather-oohlalablog-20

P.S. This jacket is one half of a suit. The pencil skirt also features this beautiful embellishment. I can’t wait to wear it.

Sweeties, what do you think of my latest look?

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