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Shopping: Thrift Store Chronicles with PrettyPrice


Just when I thought thrifting couldn’t get any better, my new thrift store marked everything down. I’m talking major, major discounts. Everything in the entire store was only $2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I guess everyone got the memo, because the store’s parking lot was packed and the lines inside rivaled Black Friday. No seriously, people had two and three carts full. It was a zoo. Despite the mayhem that surrounded me, I was able to find a few gems.





I bought not one, but two tan colored wool coats. The coats were only $2 so I figured I would nab both. Greedy, huh? LOL







I also grabbed a few sweaters to keep me warm as the winter weather won’t let up.


I also scored a pair of wool trousers from Banana Republic. Unfortunately the pants are too big, but I couldn’t leave them. The pants are work place ready.


I plan to take them to a seamstress to get them altered.



It wasn’t a knock out, drag out win at the thrift store, but I think I did great for only spending $12 .


Happy Shopping Sweeties!

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