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Style Guide: How to Survive Snowmageddon in Style



I wasn’t ready.  Seriously Sweeties, I wasn’t prepared for this “Snowpocalypse” I walked into when I moved to Upstate, New York. Yeah, I knew Rochester was cold, but this right here is down right cruel. I attended Syracuse  University for grad school, so I’m well versed  in a “Real Winter.”  I just don’t remember it being this cold.  I mean -7 on a Wednesday afternoon, just because.  Lately my wardrobe has been all function, no fashion . But it’s time for the two roads to cross. Here are five  pieces that I plan to add to my closet. These pieces will help me  put my best fashion foot forward this winter. And since much of the country is experiencing a cold snap this style guide will come in handy





During snowy and bitterly cold days proper footwear is essential.  Boots are the perfect blend of fashion and function. I suggest flat boots lined with a fur or fleece material. Also look for boots that are waterproof.  I found this out the hard way. My boots were soaking wet after walking through the snow. Not only was this a pain, it was also a health risk. Wet anything during below freezing days is a big  “no, no.”

2.Parkas/Down-Filled Coats

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If you’re looking for a warm coat  grab one with down insulation. It’s one of  the best forms of  insulation on the market. I  also suggest a parka that falls below the knee. It will keep most of your body warm. Windproof and waterproof jackets aren’t necessarily better, but they can protect you against some of winter’s ugliest elements. I swear that wind whipped my but yesterday. That alone is a reason to look at purchasing a parka.  I warn you, these jackets are expensive but well worth it especially if you live in a cold climate area.

3. Chunky Sweaters


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Chunky sweaters have become my best friend lately. I’ve worn an over-sized sweater pretty much everyday since I’ve been here and I’ve been warm.  Sweaters are also the perfect  tool to help  you achieve a layered look.

4. Scarves/Gloves/Hats


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Keeping your extremities warm is crucial. Don’t leave the house without a pair of gloves, a hat on your head, and a scarf around your neck. In those extremely cold areas, a pair of insulated gloves is a better option.

5.Wool Socks/Tights


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Wool socks will help keep you warm on those frigid days. Last week I wore a skirt and thought I was going to freeze my tail off , but I was somewhat prepared.  I wore a pair of thin tights, then a pair of thick tights, and added a pair of wool socks to the mix. It was snowing like crazy and temps were falling, but my legs were warm.

I hope this guide has helped you get prepared for the next snow storm or insanely cold day.  Here’s what I’ve been dealing with.



Guess what Sweeties? We’re not even half way through winter and I hear the really crazy weather comes in February.I”m  so scared. *Shaking in my boots* figuratively and literally. Sweeties are you prepared for “Snowmageddon?”

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