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Megan Gilchrist is a young and hip jewelry designer who knows how to think outside of the box. Gilchrist is the creative director behind All4Ours, an edgy and eclectic accessory line.  All4Ours merges modern with vintage style. Gilchrist incorporates stones, chains, and other one of a kind pieces into her designs, which are meticulously constructed and hand carved.

Gilchrist earned her Bachelors of Science in sales and marketing from Tuskegee University. It was Gilchrist savvy business sense and a chance opportunity seven months ago that transformed a hobby into a business. Who would have ever thought a photo shoot in L.A. would have been the start of what we now know as All4Ours.

Read our complete interview with the creative director of All4Ours

How did you start making your pieces?

I have always made my own pieces from an early age, from clothing to accessories.  About seven months ago I was at a photo shoot downtown Los Angeles, and was wearing my own earrings that I had made and the feed back was crazy. Every woman in the room wanted a pair.  When I see a demand, I automatically think business.

How did you train for this kind of work? Where did you get the skills? School? Apprenticeship or GOD given talent?

I come from a family of talented artists, it is in my blood to constantly revamp, create and beautify things.  My childhood trained me for what i’m doing now. It started with reconstructing my Barbie’s clothes,  and went to my mother teaching me about color, texture and art.   I recently graduated with my B.A in Sales and Marketing from Tuskegee University. I decided to start my own business after dead end jobs and countless internships.  I told myself I will be my own boss, and I will create jobs for others.

How do you like the fashion industry as a business? Is it different then what you were expecting, or is it exactly what you pictured?

I don’t think I have seen the grit and grime of the industry yet. I’ve seen people trying to jump on the bandwagon because they see the success it is bringing.  You know what they say, “DON’T EAT WITH THOSE THAT DON’T STARVE WITH YOU.”

What’s the best perk of being a designer?

I LOVE seeing others wearing my art.  It shows that they appreciate it and they get what I’m creating!

What’s the most difficult part about being a designer?

The most difficult part of being a designer, for me is being both a designer and business woman in the same.  I have to manage my time to make sure I get the business side done and still have fun and create.

What’s your advice for upcoming designers?

My advice would be to go all in, play all your cards and show the world what you got.  NO idea is too much or too crazy.

How important is branding to your line of work? How are you trying to brand yourself?

Branding is super important.  My brand is a lifestyle.  Confident, crazy stylish and fierce people.

What’s your fashion philosophy?
Wear what you want, be a BEAST.

I’ve heard designers say that this market is over saturated and ever one wants to be a designer now, with that being said how do you separate yourself from other designers?
You can say that about anything in the “industry.”  You just need to be different and confident about what you make.  ALL4OURS is ballsy, edgy, young and fresh.  It’s definitely not trying to be something that it’s not. We are in our own lane.

Any celebrities you’ve designed for? fashion shows you designed? Magazine shoots? What are some of your latest projects?
I have the West Coast Celebrity Fashion show coming up at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I’m currently working  with a few other designers right now to be featured in upcoming shoots, but they shall remain nameless.

Who are some of your favorite designers major and independent?
I love Marc Jacobs, Cartier, Coco and Breezy, Betsey Johnson, and Heatherette.

If you could have your way, who are some of the people you would love to style? Who is the most fashionable celebrity right now?

I want to style people that have my same spirit about what they do. I would love to style Nicki Minaj. She is so fierce and out of the box.
Most stylish celebrity that I dig lately would be Emma Watson.  She definitely dresses herself and doesn’t need help from a stylist. For Emma to be so young and chop off her hair tells me she has balls.

What’s the price range for your jewelry?
My price ranges from 30-100.  If a customer wants something custom it can be done!   I also make real pieces (i.e. real precious metals) upon request.

Gilchrist  designs for a woman who is confident and isn’t afraid to push the limits. Ultimately, her jewelry provokes thought, conversation, and is used to inspire. Has Gilchrist inspired you? If so catch up with this talented young woman on her TWITTER account, and drop by her WEBSITE to get a closer look at her awe striking pieces.

All4Ours has only been on the scene for a few months, but already it’s a “Style to Watch”

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