Reader Request: What to Wear to Jay Z’s Made in America Music Festival?

Dia writes,

“I need some advice.  Could you give me some affordable, head to toe options for a Jay Z’s Made in America Music Festival. I’m not the most trendy person.  I tend to keep my style pretty classic.”

We’re happy to help! Since this is an outside event we took comfort and weather into consideration. So we’re going with a casual cute look! Here are a few options to grab or use as inspiration.

You can never go wrong with nautical stripes.  Love the look get the outfit details HERE

We know you’re  not into trends,  but if you’re down for a risk here’s an idea. Click HERE for the complete look.

If you’re going for a t-shirt and jeans kind of look here’s an option. Click HERE for outfit details.

If you’re down try a dress for the music festival. Click for HERE the details.

If you’re not afraid of color, here’s a bright option.  Get the outfit details HERE.

If these looks don’t work. You can never go wrong with a romper and sandals combinations. Check these out:

Dia we hope this helps.

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