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The fashion world better look out! In today’s culture future fashion connoisseurs are being groomed as early as baby steps. Born February 13th 2011, Anahla Sy’Rae Mills has already had a taste of glam and beauty. With wardrobe ranging from Vintage Ralph Lauren Cashmere Samplers to Gap Sundresses, Anahla may be the next prominent face in “The Gerber Generation Photo Search”. To get a closer look at Anahla and help make her the new face of Gerber

Stewart Mills, a friend to OOH LA LA BLOG and father of this glamourous Gerber baby answers a couple of questions on Anahla.

How would you describe/express your feelings for Anahla?

“Saying she means the world to me is an understatement. She is one of my new loves. She brings joy to my heart, life to my dreams, and so much meaning to my life. I pray daily to find the strength to continue to protect Anahla without smothering her, the wisdom to guide without controlling, the compassion to listen without judging, the faith to encourage without pushing, and the love to cherish without possessing. It was an indescribable love and connection from the moment we laid eyes on one other. A type of love that is natural and selfless. It’s a love unlike any other, knowing that her little life is my most precious creation. Watching her grow daily has deepen my faith in miracles and appreciation for life in all its goodness and beauty.”

What’s your views on parenthood?

“Being a parent gives u a list of new adventures, dreams, emotions, pleasures, roles, and routines.
Although I’m new at this parenting thing, I encourage past, present, and future parents to follow their heart in guiding  their child.  Believe in yourself knowing that you can solve the problems and survive the pressure that parenting often brings. This will help your bond, grow stronger with your child, and keep you grounded and rooted in core values. Raising a child is to be apart of a miracle filled with wonder, challenge, and abundant joy.”

As of Friday July 15th, Anahla is ranked 5th out 33,448 kids in her SUPPORTED SITTER Group! She need approximately 1500 Votes per day until July 31st to advance to the 3rd and final stage of the contest. Votes can be submitted daily through Facebook and Twitter. (Link and info listed below)
1. Facebook search GERBER
2.Select “Like” once on GERBER FAN PAGE
3.VOTE (allow Gerber to access your info)


ID: 174970 (Twitter)

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