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Life + Style: Three Things I Learned About Myself After Losing My Precious Dog


It’s been 365 days since I’ve been separated from my six year old Lizzy Lou. She’s a Shih Tzu- Bichon mix. She’s absolutely adorable and has a personality to boot. She went missing October 4th, 2015 and its been driving me up the wall ever since.






















My beau turned good friend, walked my baby girl while I was at work and she ran away. He chased her but baby girl was just too fast for the former athlete. I rushed home and searched for her none stop. I posted missing posters in my neighborhood, forums for missing pets, and checked local shelters. Still no Lizzy Lou. It breaks my heart to not know where she is or if she’s alive.

Lizzy Lou has been on three moves with me, including one cross country trip. She’s been through several dates , two relationships, one that was completing crushing. When I cried she ran to check on me as if she was telling me it would be okay. She’s been my ear for countless work stories, best friend drama, and every man problem you can think of. This little pooch has been with me for three job changes and when it was time to pack up for the latest trip she wasn’t there. I packed up my two setter and moved from Rochester for a promotion and I wanted L-Squared to be right there riding shot gun to make yet another cross country move.

Back in 2014, I wanted to send Lizzy Lou home when my work hours became too crazy which caused me to neglect some of my superb dog-mom duties, but my friend encouraged me to keep her with me. Sometimes I wished I would have sent her back to my parents, maybe then she would be with me now.

I also wrestle with the idea of getting another dog, but I feel as if I’m betraying Lizzy Lou. I miss having my companion. One year later I’m still feeling a little lost without my girl.

Through this experience I’ve learned a lot about myself. Here are three things I realized about myself after losing my dog.

I hate living alone, but I refuse to get a roommate

As crazy as this sounds it’s true. Lizzy Lou was the closet thing I had to a roommate and as close as I would like to get. She kept me company, listened to my work stories, and helped cheer you up if I needed s pick me up.

I Can Care for Someone Other Than Myself

I always wonder I could be a good mom. Could I handle the responsibility? Still not sure , but L-Squared gave me some practice.  And in no way do I believe caring for a dog is the same, but It helped understand things a bit more.

Caring for her came natural. When she was sick I nursed her back to health and that sometimes included cleaning vomit from carpet. After that got old I was rushing to get her other the toilet. I learned what upset her stomach, what food she loved, what made her happy, and what she absolutely hated. She despises the snow.

I also mastered potty training ( it took a while).

I’m Responsible, Like Grown Up Responsible

Caring for someone else takes compassion and major responsibility. You have to put their needs above yours.

If I wanted to take an overnight trip I would find myself scrambling to find a sitter because I hated the thought of leaving her alone for too long.


I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but I wanted to use this outlet to express my heart  and what I’ve been thinking about for this last year.  I didn’t think I would be that person who is an emotional wreck about  a dog, but I am. And it’s okay to miss an animal.


Praying for peace

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