Oxygen premiered it’s newest show House of Glam tonight and from the looks of the first episode we will be tuning in every Tuesday!  House of Glam is based on the B Lynn Group, one of the hottest image agencies in the entertainment industry. The B. Lynn group is headed by Brandy Simpkins. Along side her are veteran fashion stylists, makeup artist, and hair stylist.  These fashion gurus have dressed stars like Jay Z, Mary J. Blige, and Will Smith. The first episode gave us a look into the day-to-day roles of a fashion stylist.

One of the scenes that stuck out in my mind in the show was when Crystal flew in to Atlanta to style The Dream’s video. The Dream and Crystal bumped heads on the fashion for the video as well as if a celebrities fashion choices can influence their career.  Crystal said that Rihanna wouldn’t be where she is today without her major style and fashion influences. The Dream disagreed. Ooh La La Blog would like to know what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with her statement? While you’re deciding check out some pictures from the first episode.

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  1. Canada-Mason says:

    I will agree with Crystal … and The Dream knows it’s the truth he has been in the studio with the Rhianna and produced one of here hit singles Umbrella. He should take some fashion advice from Crystal because his wedding picture that he took in those riding boots was not a”Fashion forward” idea no matter how much he paid for them him.

  2. CC says:

    I agree with Crystal. I recognize Rihanna more as a purveyor of today’s fashion, rather than a pop artist. I am sure Rihanna knows her fashion is important as well because she is commonly in the public’s eye (without coincidence) and consistently fashionable like everyday. Image (looks, personality, communication skills, etc.) is very important for a celebrity if they are to remain relevant.

    1. CC says:

      too bad we dont get oxygen :/

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