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Life + Style: “Taco Tuesday” Came Twice in One Week Thanks to bartaco





I’m fresh off an amazing weekend and ready to tackle this week. I’m praying this week will be a purpose-filled one. My mantra “New week, new Monday, new goals,” is in full effect. I’ve been filled and fed with some crazy positive energy to get me through the new week and some of it came in the form of food for the soul and the belly . Not just any food, I’m talking tacos. How amazing is it that “Taco Tuesday,” came twice in one week? I had the opportunity to try out bartaco in Homewood, AL (a small community just outside of Birmingham).


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bartaco , is a mix of street style and beach vibes. The tacos are small , but the variety and the choices are endless. I was there to test out #bartacosecret . It’s a taco off the menu that you have to ask for by name. This time around the #bartacosecret is a Maitake + Corn Taco. It’s made up of maitake mushrooms, roasted corn, asparagus, a purée corn sauce , and a salsa de la verde. Talk about delicious? I ate four. More like devoured four.

It’s so rare that I can find a veggie style taco that’s also bomb. I don’t eat beef , pork, or seafood so I was concerned that this place wouldn’t be the best fit for me BUT let me tell you that wasn’t the case at all. The food was good, y’all. And not just the #bartacosecret, I’m talking about everything. How do I know? We tried everything. My mom came with me to test it out because she is beyond picky. Seriously, she’s the pickiest eater ever. She didn’t complain once, which is so rare. She sends all her food back when we’re out to eat and she didn’t this time around. It nearly floored me.

So here’s what we tried:

Roasted duck tacos , crispy rock shrimp tacos , Maitake + Corn Tacos, plantains, chicken pastor tacos, arugula , tomato, and corn salad, blistered shishitos , and the salsa trio. The trio consisted of salsa verde, salsa roja , and guac.

We finished our late lunch with a lime margarita, with freshly squeezed lime juice. It was light and refreshing. It was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I hate my margaritas too sweet. I lean towards the more sour taste and this was perfect.

My favorite of course was the maitake + corn tacos, the plantains, chicken pastor tacos, arugula and corn salad, and the salsa trio. I skipped out on the guac because that’s not my thing.

While my food was on the house, I checked out the price point and the tacos range in price from $2.50 to $3.50 each. A good serving is three to five tacos. The appetizers are also inexpensive. The rice bowls cost about $8-$9. Overall I think you could grab a good meal without breaking the bank.

It’s a super casual restaurant with a laid back feel. The staff was beyond courteous and accommodating. I know we were guests, but I watched the servers interact with others. I also listened to catch some of the dialogue and I was pleased.

I’m quick to leave or ditch my support for any place with bad customer service. I don’t care if Micheal Jackson came back from the grave and “Moonwalked” across the floor, you couldn’t get me to a place with bad service. It’s a deal breaker.

Would I come back? Absolutely! If you’ve been  to bartaco before tell me about it. If you have any questions about the restaurant, ask away.

Have an awesome week, ladies!

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